Thomas Trehus

To Represent Fillmore and Houston Counties


My Mission:


Striving to give the people of Fillmore and Houston Counties a strong ambassador to state government.


Why I'm Running

As a fifth generation Minnesotan, I work and serve the people of Southeast Minnesota. I live on my family's 100+ year old farm in rural Spring Grove because this is the home I love. I am running for the Minnesota House to make sure another generation of Minnesotans in Houston and Fillmore Counties can enjoy great schools, thriving Main Street businesses, and good paying jobs. 

For too long, special interest groups and career politicians have stalled progress in St. Paul. Our current representative has been has been in the legislature for nearly thirty years. His service is commendable, but the partisanship and corruption in St. Paul is not getting better - it is getting worse. 

It is time for change.

I ask for your vote on November 6th so that we can build a better future for the families, local businesses, farmers, and seniors of Southern Minnesota.



Health Care

Everyone deserves affordable and accessible healthcare. I support a public option to allow farmers and small business owners the chance at affordable care.

I believe in providing more affordable healthcare options to Houston and Fillmore Counties.

Farm and Labor

Growing up on my family's 5th generation farm, I know the importance of supporting agriculture. The farm economy is integral to Southeast Minnesota and as a representative of Houston and Fillmore counties I will work tirelessly for family farms and well-paying careers.


Minnesota's economic strength is tied directly to the strength of our education systems. As a school board member, I know how important preparing our youth for the future is.

We must support career and college readiness programs beginning at an early age so we can fill the needs of a 21st century workforce.


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