State Should Fund Rural Broadband

Living and growing up in the heart of beautiful bluff country, it’s easy to see what makes this area of our state different from all the rest. From our charming main streets and vibrant communities, to our pristine trout streams and towering wooded bluffs, our corner is truly unique. Even city folk visit to disconnect from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. But from the conversations I’ve had with neighbors in the weeks since my campaign began, it’s obvious that people living here feel disconnected in a different way. Though this time it is not intentional and certainly not as enjoyable.

Almost half of Houston and Fillmore counties are either lacking or going entirely without high-speed broadband internet access in 2015. This a year when new galaxies are being discovered and self-driving cars are a reality. Faster internet access isn’t just a matter of convenience, but one of economic viability.

This is why I’m asking our state government to fund rural broadband projects up to $200 million, the amount proposed by the Governor’s non-partisan rural broadband task force. This will allow for communities like ours to compete on an even playing field, socially and economically. We need strong leaders who can move us into the 21st Century. Among the many sounds we take for granted in our neck of the woods, a dial-up internet tone should not be one of them.

Thomas TrehusComment