Special Interests: Big money in 28B

The 2015 campaign finance reports are now public. These reports can reveal a lot about a candidate and his/her priorities.

I'm very proud of the campaign we have run thus far and the success in fundraising is proof. Our campaign raised nearly $23,000 in 2015 and has about $20,000 cash on hand. We have had well over 200 individual donors, three-fourths of them within the district, and most of them are small-medium contributions.

Our opponent, Rep. Greg Davids, has raised about $59,000 and has about $28,000 cash on hand. He has received $2,700 from lobbyists and $9,200 from Political Action Committees. One revealing factor is Rep. David's list of large donors (those who gave over $200). Not one of these individuals lives within the legislative district he represents. This list includes millionaires and billionaires with special interests at the Capitol.

I'm proud of the fact that we were able to raise money from local supporters who feel we need new leadership -- leadership that represents them and not the special interests looking for a tax break. How about giving hard working people of Houston and Fillmore County a tax break? the people working hard every day to earn a living will be my special interest at the legislature. 

Thomas Trehus1 Comment