End Partisan Politics - A Note by Thomas Trehus

Once again, the legislature and governor have failed to reach an agreement on basic state and local needs, even the most bipartisan ones.

By waiting until the final hours of the legislative session to introduce a nearly 1,000-page bill, our partisan politicians attempted to put the good with the bad to muddy the waters and create a toxic political battle. Nobody could possibly read 350,000 words in just a few hours. In my opinion, these backroom deals and special giveaways create a form of legalized corruption.

Our schools desperately need funds for security and technology updates. We need more accessible and affordable health insurance options. We must address the opioid epidemic as it makes its way to Southeastern Minnesota. We must create a more equitable tax structure that doesn’t bankrupt our state for my generation and generations to come. We must tackle elder abuse, and we must hold government and politicians accountable for wasteful spending.

As a 5th generation resident of Houston County, I’m well aware of what our future should look like. I see a future that spends wisely and invests in education, health care, infrastructure, our natural resources, and our senior citizens. Instead of partisan politicians who only look towards their next election, let’s look forward to the next generation.

Thomas TrehusComment