Letter to the Editor by Stephen Hadaway: Trehus Will Watch Insurance Costs

As the August primaries draw near, I decided that it’s time to see if the issues that were present in 2016 have been fixed. After all, if the biggest concerns have been fixed, then there is no reason to change leadership. However, my biggest concern hasn't been fixed. That issue is health-care costs.

In 2016, one of my main concerns was the rising costs of health-care premiums. Our current representative, in all fairness, did try to bring down costs. And yet, even after the insurance companies got hundreds of millions of dollars in a “reinsurance” deal, costs haven’t gone down. They have continued to rise. That's why I support new leadership. That's why I support Thomas Trehus.

Thomas has a new plan to reduce health-care costs. He wants to let every Minnesotan buy into MNCare. This would lower costs. The reason it will is that MNCare is much more efficient. Given that it is a government program, MNCare doesn't need to make profits for any CEOs or shareholders. Because of this, they can lower their premiums. If I could pay less by buying into MNCare, I would.

Given that, over the last decade, premiums have continued to rise, I think it’s time for a new path. In our district, we pay the highest health insurance premiums. We need to bring these costs down, and Thomas is the guy to do that.

Stephen Hadaway, Spring Grove

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