Leading to Serve


Universal Healthcare Coverage

Everyone deserves affordable and accessible healthcare. I support a public option buy-in to allow farmers and small business owners the chance at affordable care. How the state chooses to support our healthcare system has an immediate and direct impact on the well-being of the people of our district. The need of providing more affordable healthcare options to Houston and Fillmore Counties has become paramount to the resilience of our rural communities.

Heathcare costs are out of control in this country due to the several tier system of delivery and the overuse of care by consumers. Where else do you purchase a "product" but have no idea what that product will cost you?


I support cracking down on pharmaceutical companies who are gauging our seniors and our most vulnerable neighbors. When the drug Lipitor costs on average $124 in the U.S. and only $6 in New Zealand, we have a problem. A hip replacement in this country will run you about $40,364. In Switzerland, the same procedure costs $7,731 (2014 averages)! 

In the long term, however, we must get a handle on the general cost of procedures and prescription drugs. Current costs are simply unsustainable for Minnesotans and even the insurance companies.