Leading to Serve

Rural Development and Environment

Rural Broadband

High speed internet access is essential to operate effectively in a 21st century economy. Minnesota must invest in its rural communities by connecting them with the rest of the world by way of the internet. Current representation at the state legislature slashed rural broadband funding. I believe we need to go in the other direction. I will fight for the residents of Houston and Fillmore counties to have equally fast and accessible internet as those in the metropolitan areas enjoy.  

Transportation Infrustructure

With our roads and bridges in desperate need of repair, Southeast Minnesota deserves a comprehensive and sustainable transportation funding plan. Every option should be on the table, however, we cannot continue to shift money and play games with our public safety. There are 50 structurally deficient bridges in Fillmore and Houston counties. The average age of all deficient bridges is 77 years. This is completely unacceptable and there must be leadership in St. Paul willing to tackle this problem. I will work for the people of Fillmore and Houston Counties to ensure we have an ambassador to the needs of our people for safe, reliable roadways and infrastructure. 

The Environment                                               

We only have access to one habitable planet, let's make sure we take care of it. Our natural home here in Southeast Minnesota provides us with great economic and aesthetic benefits, that allow us to enjoy our land and our waters. Our rolling hills, streams, and hardwood forests must be maintained for future generations. As a state legislator, I will make sure our local units of government, as well as our state agencies in charge of environmental protections, have the tools necessary to protect our natural resources for generations to come.